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Pitt early underdogs to Bowling Green in Little Caesars Bowl

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Gotta admit, this one caught be a little off guard.

Look, I'm fully aware Pitt can lose to Bowling Green - this isn't really about that. We've seen losses to Youngstown State and Navy over the past two years, so yeah, I get it.

Anything's possible.

Still, while Pitt will be facing a good Bowling Green team in the Little Caesars Bowl later this month, I'm not sure I expected them to be underdogs heading into the game. And not only is Bowling Green favored early, but as of Monday night, they were a heavy six-point favorite.

I would have expected the line to be closer to even on this one and if I'm being honest, I'm a little surprised to see Pitt as a touchdown underdog in this game.

We'll see if the line changes from now until game time and with Bowling Green losing their coach, an interim could shift the line a bit. But for now, Pitt enters the game as a moderate underdog.

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