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ESPN ranks Little Caesars Bowl at bottom of ACC postseason games

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Yeah, so most of us weren't that impressed with Pitt getting into the Little Caesars Bowl. It's nice to be going anywhere and any postseason game beats the alternative. That said, playing against Bowling Green isn't really an ideal way to end any season and it's pretty hard to get that excited for the game. If Pitt wins, it's because they're supposed to. Lose, and it's another loss to a minor-conference team that just, well, sounds bad.

Pitt fans aren't the only ones to notice, though. ESPN ranked all of the bowls that ACC teams are participating in and the Little Caesars Bowl ranked dead last.

That's a hard point to argue. 11 ACC teams are going bowling and only two teams are playing programs not in major conferences - Pitt and Maryland, who's facing off against Marshall in the Military Bowl.

Really, we're splitting hairs here. Neither game is all that attractive and arguing the better game is a bit like arguing the better of Pitt's basketball walk-ons in any given season. If you're twisting my arm, I'd rank Pitt's game slightly higher since I believe that Pitt is a better team than Maryland and Bowling Green is better than Marshall.

But, yeah.

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