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All the links: Weekly Pitt link dump / "Caravan" (Van Morrison)

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Last Waltz - Van Morrison - Caravan (via BastiVineta)

What is this shammockery?

I don't repeat too many songs for the weekly link dump and I've never repeated a song the following week. But this week, we've got an even better version of Van Morrison's Caravan than last week's video that I stumbled upon, so suck it up.

Onto the links:

Pitt used National Signing Day to improve their lines

Pitt kept its recruiting class together

The Beaver County Times took a look at the 2013 class

Here was the Paul Chryst press conference from National Signing Day

Chryst was pleased with the class, in case you wondered

Walt Harris recently talked about recruiting Joe Flacco at Pitt

J.J. Moore is showing improvement recently

Pitt basketball is in the middle of a tough stretch this week

Ray Graham came in at No. 13 on ESPN's Big East 2012 Top 25

ACC Convos has a good roundup of ESPN's top ACC recruits, including Dorian Johnson

Pitt is still reloading from recruiting defections in 2011

Rick Pitino says leaving the Big East will benefit the Catholic 7

The women's basketball team lost ... again

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