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Cardiac Hill Big East power rankings (2/15)


And, here you go:

1. Georgetown

2. Pitt

3. Syracuse

4. Notre Dame

5. Louisville

6. Marquette

7. UConn

8. Cincinnati

9. St. John's

10. Providence

11. Villanova

12. Rutgers

13. Seton Hall

14. South Florida

15. DePaul

Instead of a ton of analysis, I'm jumping straight to Pitt here. So No. 2 this week, right? On the surface it may look a bit high, but part of the power rankings is based on how hot a team is. And right now, Georgetown and Pitt are the two hottest teams in the conference.

So who would you put ahead of the Panthers at this point?

Syracuse? They've lost three of their last five games ... including one to Pitt.

Marquette? Sure, they beat Pitt, but they also have one more loss than the Panthers. They've also lost three of their last seven games.

Louisville? They also beat Pitt, but are only 4-4 in their last eight contests.

Notre Dame? While they've won five of their past six, those wins included beating up on some weak teams including DePaul twice and South Florida.

I could have made the plunge and put Pitt at No. 1, but Georgetown's playing some really good ball. It's true that Pitt crushed them on the road, but the Hoyas have been a completely different team lately. They've won eight of nine including some nice victories against Louisville, Marquette, and at Notre Dame. Georgetown also has one fewer loss and one fewer conference loss.

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