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Pitt holds steady at No. 5 seed in ESPN Bracketology


In case you missed it, Pitt held steady in ESPN's latest bracket, staying at a No. 5 seed.

That's not a huge surprise since Pitt hadn't had any games in the previous version, so holding firm at No. 5 was probably expected. But I did think at the time they deserved to be a No. 4 seed after the road win at a ranked Cincinnati team last weekend.

The latest bracketology rankings were released on Friday before the Marquette game this weekend, so the obvious question will be whether they will fall or not. I'd be surprised if they did, to be honest. The loss wasn't a bad one and they were probably a high No. 5. The Panthers should still be ranked come next week and I have a hard time believing they'd fall in Joe Lunardi's latest bracket because of a loss to a ranked team on the road.

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