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Cardiac Hill Big East Power Rankings (2/22)

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Time for the latest version of the Cardiac Hill Big East power rankings. Suffice to say, Pitt is no longer No. 2.

1. Georgetown

2. Syracuse

3. Marquette

4. Notre Dame

5. Louisville

6. Pitt

7. UConn

8. Cincinnati

9. Providence

10. Villanova

11. St. John's

12. Rutgers

13. Seton Hall

14. DePaul

15. South Florida

Pitt's losses to Marquette and Notre Dame may not drop them all that far in the college basketball rankings, but I dropped them four spots in the conference rankings. Pitt had more losses than several teams I placed them ahead of in the last standings, but the Panthers got a favorable spot because they were such a hot team.

The losses may not hurt that much, but I had to drop Pitt because of them and the lost momentum. And in the end, it's just way too hard to put the Panthers above any of the five teams I ranked ahead of them.

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