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2013 NFL Combine: Pitt running back Ray Graham struggles in 40-yard dash

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Ray Graham went into today's NFL Combine drills with the hopes of improving his NFL Draft stock. In a nutshell - that didn't happen.

Graham particularly struggled in the marquee event, the 40-yard dash. Out of 33 running backs that competeed, Graham placed near the bottom with a 4.8 official time. If you're not all that sure of how these things work, that's pretty bad. That time was good for 30th place overall.

The good news for the former Pitt star is that Graham's never been known for exceptional speed. He's always been more quick and elusive than fast and while that will be known by the NFL scouts, it's something that will show up on game film instead of at the combine.

The other thing is that I still expect Graham to be drafted. He's got simply too much potential to not be given a late-round look by somebody.

Still, 4.8 is pretty disappointing. Even an average time wouldn't have hurt Graham's stock, but you can make the argument that a 4.8 will drop him a bit. How much is anybody's guess, though, and we'll have to see how he stacks up against everyone else in the other drills.

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