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Pitt vs. South Florida: Open Gamethread


The season's winding down and Pitt takes on South Florida tonight at the Pete in the next to last home game of the year.

Not much to digest here. It's the beginning of a three-game stretch that Pitt hopefully can sweep. The Bulls aren't a very good team and if the Panthers have trouble with them tonight, it will likely be because they took them a bit lightly. South Florida may be the worst team in the Big East this season and there's no reason the game should be a close one.

Consider this: The St. John's team that Pitt just beat by 16 routed South Florida by 15 in their last game just before playing the Panthers.

South Florida did manage to beat Georgetown earlier this season, but that's about it, save a close loss on the road in overtime to UConn earlier this month. Still, I'm not convinced they'll give Pitt much trouble in the Pete.

Join us at 7:00 p.m. to comment live during the game.

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