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Pitt replaces Villanova with Old Dominion


Lost a bit in all of the schedule madness was the fact that Pitt ended up replacing Villanova on their schedule with Old Dominion.

Effect on Pitt's season should be minimal. After last year's debacle against Youngstown State, I think we're all aware that there's no such thing as a gimmes. But the fact is that you'd like to think Pitt would beat either opponent.

First things first - neither Villanova or Old Dominion were slouches at the FCS level and ODU is making the transition to the FBS. ODU went 11-2 last season before losing in the quarterfinals of the playoffs. Villanova was only 8-4 last season, but expected to be even better this year. These teams are a far cry from the Gardner-Webb team that showed up at Heinz Field and was subsequently run out of the stadium.

But while the game doesn't mean a ton to Pitt (unless they happen to lose it, of course), Villanova apparently ended up in a good situation. The Wildcats will play Boston College and here's a good piece by VU Hoops of the behind the scenes workings of setting up the game and why it could work out better for them.

All in all, it's a great thing for Pitt that this worked out. Both parties found games/dates that worked, the program didn't have to pony up any money to Villanova, and the Panthers also get their highly-desired game against Florida State.

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