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Pitt recruit Mike Young helps St. Benedict's snap St. Anthony's 83-game winning streak

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

2013 Pitt basketball recruit Mike Young played a pretty big role last week in helping St. Benedict's to a monster win. The future Panther scored 13 points in St. Benedict's 47-38 win over St. Anthony's. The win snapped a huge 83-game winning streak by the legendary St. Anthony's program.

Young didn't get the MVP award despite scoring nearly 30% of his team's points. That honor went to Syracuse recruit Tyler Ennis, who had 14 points. Still, he had a huge game and that should make Pitt fans feel even better.

Young had another huge night a few weeks ago in a St. Benedict's win and it's hard not to be excited about him. With the frontcourt expected to be pretty light next year, there's a good chance he'll play right away and not redshirt. As we've said before, he fills a need for Pitt. The 6'9" forward will provide some much-needed depth and while he may not be an immediate star, the potential is there.

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