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Cardiac Hill National Signing Day Primer

Jared Wickerham

College football's National Signing Day has turned into a virtual holiday. No, we don't get off of work or anything (at least not most of us), but it's kind of a big deal. With that said, we'll be covering it at all angles for Pitt on Wednesday. I outlined this in the comments section of a recent post, but in case you missed it, here's what you can expect from us for the big day:

Open Thread: Mike (mikeo90) and Greg (oaklandzoo12) will be manning our National Signing Day Open Thread on Wednesday - a few things here. As recruits send in their faxes and the news breaks, we'll be updating the live thread throughout the day. In addition, the Open Thread is your main place to comment and interact with each other during the day. A few of our other guys may be dropping in and out as well and we should have it covered pretty well.

Storystream: We don't use the storystream function too much on our site, but we will be for this day. It will group all of our recruiting stories together on Signing Day in one convenient place. We'll be posting some articles leading up to Signing Day, adding some that day, and will probably have a few afterwards. We'll having a wide range of features on Pitt's recruits.

Roundup: We'll have a third slot dedicated on the main section of our page called the roundup. In it, you'll be able to find our initial stories when players verbally committed to Pitt. It will be a good place to see an overview of the recruits, get familiar with them, and find out a little more background info on each one.

In other words, we'll be covering National Signing Day from a Pitt perspective all day long. Technically, our coverage will begin later today, but there you have it. Check back early and often and come hang out with us in the Open Thread on Wednesday.

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