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ESPN Bracketology: Pitt up to No. 6 seed in Joe Lunardi's latest bracket

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt keeps winning and the Panthers keep moving up in ESPN's Bracketology rankings according to Joe Lunardi. The Panthers were previously a No. 8 seed in the last bracket a few days ago, but after a big win over Syracuse and last night against Seton Hall, they have moved up several spots.

The No. 6 seed is about right in my opinion, though you could make a pretty good case based on who is currently ahead of them in the polls (i.e. Georgetown). It also looks right when you factor in that it would place the Panthers in the No. 21-24 range and they're currently ranked No. 23 in the AP poll and No. 25 in the Coaches poll.

We've been over this a lot in the past few days, so it makes little sense to rehash it too much. But while it would be nice to simply get into the Big Dance, the farther they can get away from the No. 8 - No. 9 seed range, the better.

There's still a lot of season left and Pitt has a tough test ahead facing three ranked opponents in a row. If the Panthers can get at least one of them, I don't see their stock dropping and winning two, would likely boost it a little. But as things stand right now, hard to be disappointed with the current projections.