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ESPN tabs Pitt as a No. 5 seed in latest Bracketology rankings ... for now

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Been a little while since I've checked in with ESPN's Bracketology rankings, but in case you've missed it, they're currently a 5-seed. Joe Lunardi tabbed them as a No. 5 seed several days ago, but in the latest rankings on Tuesday, that's where they landed as well.

I think that's about where Pitt should be. A case could be made for a No. 4 seed, but hard to argue with a No. 5.

So what happens with the Big East Tournament this week? If Pitt draws Syracuse in their first game as expected and promptly loses, I think they could still grab a No. 5. If they win against Syracuse, that would be another top 25 win and could give them a 4-seed. But it all depends on what happens elsewhere around the country, obviously. Keep an eye on what the teams around Pitt in the rankings do this week. Teams like Arizona, Oklahoma State, New Mexico, etc.

That will play a part just as much as what the Panthers do in the Big East Tournament.

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