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Pitt 19:4 odds to win Big East Tournament

Wanted to get to this yesterday since that's when the Big East Tournament opened, but Bovada released some odds to win the Big East Tournament recently. You can get them all here at SB Nation's St. John's site, Rumble in the Garden. Also there are some Big East efficiency numbers and team capsules that they put together.

For the record, Pitt checked in third behind Louisville and Georgetown at 19:4. The Panthers ranked just ahead of Syracuse, who was 5:1.

Point blank, Pitt can win this thing. They fared well against the top two teams in Georgetown and Louisville, crushing the Hoyas by 28 and falling by only three to Louisville on the road. But it's more than that for Pitt, obviously. The Panthers always have trouble with Notre Dame and Marquette beat them twice this season.

All of that said, keep in mind, Pitt only needs to beat three teams. They should line up against Syracuse in the first game, who they've beaten. Next up would be Georgetown, Providence, or Cincinnati - all teams they've beaten. And from there, they've just got one game left. It won't be easy, but the Panthers are capable of winning the tourney.

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