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Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson reportedly ranks in middle of ACC financially

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Jared Wickerham had a recent post about ACC athletic directors and their salaries on the heels of a USA Today report. In case you were interested, Steve Pederson is near the middle, slotted 7th in the list of 13 ADs. Figures for Brad Bates of Boston College and Blake James of Miami were not disclosed.

Peterson reportedly makes about $600,000. If that's true, he's making about as much as he was in the 2011 USA Today report that we mentioned here about a year and a half ago. According to USA Today, ADs are making about $515,000 on average, so Pederson, like most ACC ADs, is doing significantly better than that.

As I wrote last year, while Pederson takes a lot of criticism (some of it deserved) he's done a lot of good things. Before Notre Dame reached an agreement with the ACC, Pederson made it a point to try to establish an annual rivalry with the Irish in recent years. He helped get the Penn State series back up and running, has helped keep Jamie Dixon around, and then there's the whole ACC thing, obviously.

Pederson's done quite a bit since coming back to Pitt. I'm not on board with everything he's done, but he's definitely had some good moments.

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