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Printable NCAA Tournament Bracket


Now that March Madness is officially here, the first thing you'll need is a bracket. Thankfully, we've got you covered:

Get your printable NCAA Tournament bracket here. Simply print, fill in your picks and hang this bad boy up on your cube or office wall.

As the week goes on, we'll have a lot more on the tournament, obviously. After the links post, Greg will check in with a Pitt-Wichita State preview this morning. In the afternoon, I've got a post scheduled with a look at the west region where Pitt will be playing.

Later this week, we'll have more coverage as well, taking a closer look at Pitt and their opponent. Of course we'll be breaking down all the ways Pitt can lose their first game because, hey, that's what we do.

Lots to cover and little time to do it. But hey, it beats having the CBI to talk about, doesn't it?

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