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Pitt remains at No. 6 in latest ESPN bracket


ESPN's Joe Lunardi released his latest bracketology rankings on Friday and Pitt held steady as a No. 6 seed. The Panthers haven't played since Lunardi's last rankings a few days ago, so that's no surprise.

If Pitt can manage to win on Sunday, it will be interesting to see what effect that has on their standing. Villanova's a quality team, but I don't know if that will raise them by a seed. After that is DePaul and again, beating one of the worst teams in the conference might not move them up at all.

Keep in mind these are only projections. Lunardi is taking his best educated guess at where the Panthers will be seeded. But we won't really know until the official seeds are announced. My guess? If Pitt wins against Villanova and DePaul, they'll move up to a No. 5 seed. Whether or not they can get past that will depend on what the Panthers do in the Big East Tournament.

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