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Devin Street says Pitt adding deep ball to arsenal


Even when quarterback Tino Sunseri had some success last season, one thing he never quite solved was the problem of connecting on deep balls with his receivers. Senior wideout Devin Street makes it sound like that will be changing in 2013 and says the chemistry is already there with presumed starting quarterback Tom Savage:

"We’ve hit so many deep balls in spring already," Street said. "Tom throws a great deep ball, so I’m really excited about that. Whenever I get a chance to go, I go and Tom hits it. The coaches are more comfortable in spring ball calling a lot more shots down the field. That has to be an emphasis for us. We have to make defenses play honest. We have to back them up a little bit and get them on their toes. If we can work on that, everyone will see a difference."


That's refreshing to hear, obviously. Even those of us that felt that Sunseri improved greatly in 2012, there was no denying the deep ball was never in his arsenal. Without the threat of a deep passing game, Pitt has really been a bit limited in what they can do on offense.

Sunseri literally had zero second half comebacks while at Pitt. For a three-year starter of a program that won at least moderately, that's borderline incredible. But you've got to attribute at least some of that to not having a deep passing game as a real option. When Pitt fell behind under his reign, they weren't generally able to score points in bunches to come back.

Hopefully with Savage and/or Voytik around, that will change a bit next year.

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