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Steven Adams: "I'm coming back"

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After another disappointing exit in the NCAAs, it's already time to start thinking ahead to next season. Pitt has two big questions on its plate, but one of those seems to be taken care of. No, USC hasn't yet hired a coach instead of Jamie Dixon, but center Steven Adams has confirmed he'll be back for his sophomore year - from the Trib-Review:

Asked how he felt he developed over the season, Adams replied: “Tremendously. I'm comfortable with the team and stuff.”

It's the kind of game that will get a big man noticed by NBA teams, but Adams emphatically reiterated his commitment to return to Pitt for his sophomore year.

“I'm coming back,” he told reporters. “I don't know why you guys keep asking that question, man. I'm coming back.”

That shouldn't come as any great surprise since it's been Adams' stance before. But it's great to hear some confirmation after such a disappointing end and in the midst of coaching rumors.

Still, though, while I fully expect Adams back, just remember that other players have said as much and changed their tune. Pitt running back Lesean McCoy stated he was coming back for another season only to bolt for the NFL. Players all over the country change their minds once they hear of their potential draft status.

But if we're taking sides here, I'll go with Adams. He has just seemed so sure of wanting to come back all along and I don't expect him to change his mind. And for Pitt, having him back for next season is going to be key.

The other factor is that it just makes good sense for him to return. He would likely be a first-round pick upon leaving, but that's no guarantee. Remember the cases of DeJuan Blair and Sam Young? Both were expected to be first-round picks as well, but slid to the second where money wasn't guaranteed. Screwy things happen in the NBA Draft and while Adams and his Cathedral of Learning size potential should be a first-round pick, you never fully know.

Plus, Adams could really use at least one more year in school to develop his game. He got better as the season went along, but still wasn't a dominant force most of the time. If Adams comes back, hones his skills a bit, he could easily climb into the lottery with a good season. Part of it always depends on what other players are eligible, but Adams can be a very high pick with another year of seasoning.

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