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All the Links: "Into the Mystic" (Van Morrison)

Harry How

Van Morrison - Into The Mystic (via emfoster71)

So yeah, after a weekend of basketball, you're probably all just as tired as I am. And after another early exit by Pitt, you're likely ready to just pack it in this week. But don't ... at least not yet. This week's music video to cheer you up is Van Morrison doing a live version of Into the Mystic.

And now for some Pitt-related links from last week that we didn't get to:

Tight end JP Holtz is ready for a big sophomore season in 2013

Speaking of Holtz, he and lineman Adam Bisnowaty are playing key roles in the spring practices

ACC Convos has their Pitt 2013 spring preview up

Steven Adams got to spend some time with a New Zealand TV crew recently

Pitt's athletics department put together a video of the top ten Big East moments at the Pete

Anthony Gonzalez is settling in at linebacker

ACC Football Rx wonders if the conference can get more TV revenue

Former Pitt football player Bill Fralic isn't happy with football's new rule changes

The Trib had a good piece on retiring band director Jack Anderson

A little late on this, but the men's basketball team visited the 9/11 Memorial in NYC

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