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Cardiac Hill Roundtable Part 1: ACC schedule edition

The minds behind Cardiac Hill meet to discuss the ACC schedule release.


Since the upcoming football schedule was released last week, there have been a large variety of reactions to it and several questions that have been officially answered. Is Pitt playing Florida State in the opener, where are the trap games on the schedule, what should we reasonably expect record-wise out of Pitt? All these questions we can now slowly begin to answer as we get ready for spring ball, which begins tomorrow.

Now that we've had a week to sit down and really analyze the schedule, the guys behind Cardiac Hill met to discuss the schedule and give our thoughts. Each day throughout the week, we'll look at another part of the schedule and on Friday, we'll give you our spring predictions for the 2013 season. We'll start with the obvious one for today.

What were your initial impressions when you saw the schedule?

Greg (oaklandzoo12): The placement of Pitt’s conference games were very surprising. We already unofficially knew about Florida State on Labor Day, but Miami after Thanksgiving? Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Miami all in November? Georgia Tech the week after Navy? Pitt was blessed by the scheduling gods after last season’s home disaster. If there is one thing to nitpick at, it’s the bye placement, but Pitt had to take a bye week after Florida State, so there really wasn’t much Pitt could do. You’d like to have it later, but right before travelling to Blacksburg is okay with me.

Anson (CardiacHill): My initial impression was just that it was full of big games from start to finish. Notre Dame at home, which is many times Pitt's biggest game, is probably the third biggest game here. The Florida State-Labor Day opener is tops and while Miami might not be the marquee opponent that the Irish are, it's a Thanksgiving weekend game that is taking the place of the Backyard Brawl. Three huge matchups there and they're all at home. The other obvious point is that with so many excellent home games, Pitt should have no trouble selling season tickets this season. They'll need to win some of those games to bring fans back in 2014, though.

Pat (Pat O'Mahony): I’ve been waiting for the schedule release for over a year. The anticipation killed me. But now that it’s finally here and I can see it on paper, I’m a little scared. There is a different feeling when you read the names of Florida State, Miami, and Virginia Tech instead of Rutgers, UCONN, and South Florida (no offense to them, not that it matters). Pitt is jumping into the deep end, but I love it. I don’t think Paul Chryst cares and I think the players will be motivated. I can’t wait to make some trips to ACC country.

Jim (FloodCityPanther): WOW. From an entertainment and excitement perspective, this is night and day from last season to this season. The ACC obviously adds a lot more luster to the schedule. Replacing South Florida, Rutgers, and Cincinnati annually with Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Miami is awesome. No wild Wednesday games. Obviously looking at it as a fan, clearly it is a lot more difficult.

Mike (mikeo90): It’s absolutely awesome. There’s no better way to put it. I was ready to run through a wall on adrenaline when it was announced – seriously. I love having seven home games and the quality of the opponents makes it all the better. I also really like the away schedule, especially the games at Duke, Virginia Tech, and Navy. In late September and October those will make for terrific road trips. It’s such an energizing schedule, there’s no reason why Heinz Field shouldn’t have at least a solid 50,000 fans for every game.

Bryan M (FearTheStache): Hot damn! This is, by far, the best home schedule in a decade…since Virginia Tech and Miami left the BIG EAST for the ACC. Not only will playing against historically competitive football schools draw additional fans to Heinz Field, but the schools on this schedule will also increase the likelihood that the games will not necessarily have a noon kickoff.

Anthony (VictoryLights): When the opponents were announced months ago I was ecstatic about the upcoming season. I didn’t think I could be any happier with it. Then the dates were released: the Florida State Labor Day game, the day after Thanksgiving Miami game, getting Georgia Tech and Navy in consecutive weeks. Fortunately my office door was closed or else everyone would have been looking at my impersonation of the Buddy the Elf GIF we used to run at PittScript Blog when a new recruit committed. I haven’t been this excited about a home slate of games in a decade.

Tune in tomorrow when we discuss Florida State.