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Cardiac Hill Roundtable Part 4: Toughest Stretch

What is the toughest stretch in Pitt's upcoming schedule? It likely involves a home game against BCS Title game participant Notre Dame.

Jonathan Daniel

Whereas yesterday, we were all divided on an under the radar game, today we all pretty much agree on where the toughest stretch in Pitt's football schedule will be for 2013.

What is Pitt's toughest stretch in the 2013 schedule?

Greg (oaklandzoo12): It obviously is the month of November. Pitt faces 3 of the other 4 teams likely to contend for the Coastal Division title as well as "rivalry games" with Notre Dame and Syracuse. While the Georgia Tech game comes at a very opportune time (right after Navy), Pitt then comes home for arguably it’s toughest game of the season against Notre Dame, then has to get right back to play against a good North Carolina team. Syracuse won’t be a gimme – the Orange lose their starting quarterback and have a first year head coach, but at that point in the season, that shouldn’t be a weakness and Pitt lost at the Carrier Dome last season. The season ends with Miami, which should also be near the top of the division. Not an easy stretch by any means and if Pitt can finish 3-2, I’ll consider that a success. 2-3 seems likely, while 1-4 won’t be surprising for me.

Anson (CardiacHill): November is a difficult month, but if we're narrowing this down to three games, I'll go with at Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, and North Carolina. Pitt gets two of those games at home and that will help, but it's still a tough stretch. The Panthers' other big games are sandwiched around some easier contests. None of those games are gimmes by any stretch and I don't even know that Pitt will be favored in any of those. Everyone wants to point to the bigger games on the schedule, but what the Panthers do against teams like North Carolina and Georgia Tech will really tell the story of their season.

Pat (Pat O'Mahony): I think this is a pretty easy answer, the stretch of at Navy, at GT, versus Notre Dame, and UNC is the toughest. Two option offenses followed by the BCS runner-ups and then a very talented UNC team. The only saving grace is that Notre Dame and UNC are at Heinz Field. I’d take 2-2 from those four games.

Jim (FloodCityPanther): I would say the toughest four game stretch is at Navy, at Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, and UNC. Pitt will have a week to gear up for the triple option against the Midshipmen. Its tough to stop. Now some may look at playing Georgia Tech the week following would be good, because they have been preparing for it, but I see it as trouble. You have bigger, stronger, and faster guys running that offense. That will be tricky. Then you have Notre Dame, which will likely be a top 25 team, and that sleeper game with UNC to round it out.

Mike (mikeo90): I’d definitely say the month of November. Georgia Tech on the road, then Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Miami all at home will be tough.

Bryan M (FearTheStache): The month of November. Five games, all against opponents with at least seven wins in 2012. All five teams would have played in bowl games had Miami and UNC been eligible for post-season play.

Anthony (VictoryLights): November, hands down. Miami and UNC as the post-season teams that weren’t allowed to be in the post-season last year, a Syracuse team that knows us better than any other team in the ACC (we’re in the ACC yinz guys) plus a Notre Dame team that went to the National Championship game last season is a tough stretch.

If anyone thinks something other than November will be tougher, I want to hear where and why. Tomorrow, we give you our predictions for the season.

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