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2013 Pitt Football Spring Game: Pitt's secondary banged up for annual scrimmage


The Post-Gazette's Sam Werner had a post up in advance of tonight's spring game about injuries. Safe to say Pitt's secondary is a bit banged up.

Five of the eight players listed as 'out' for the game were cornerbacks and safeties. Among the players that won't suit up in the spring game in Bethel Park tonight are:

Safety Jason Hendricks

Cornerback Cullen Christian

Cornerback Jahmahl Pardner

Cornerback Brendon Felder

Cornerback Pat Fisher

Others out are Brandon Ifill (WR), John Guy (OL), and Shane Gordon (LB). Werner also notes that quarterback Tra'Von Chapman and center Artie Rowell are questionable. Chapman was also sick during practices this week.

Those first three guys on the secondary list are expected to figure into the rotation in some shape or form this year and Hendricks will start. No major reason for concern since we're so far away from the season. But if you were hoping to see the secondary (what I think is the team's best unit) at full strength tonight, you're out of luck.

One thing that might mean? Slightly inflated numbers for Chad Voytik. Voytik will likely be playing against the second string defense (at least if the model holds the same as in past years). I expect Pardner and Cullen to end up as the backups and with them out, some other guys will be forced into action. Essentially, Voytik could be playing against third string corners. Not sure it will mean a lot for Voytik's numbers (particularly because he'll also be without his center and a wide receiver expected to factor in this season), but it was worth mentioning.

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