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Pitt unlucky with NCAA Tournament draws?

Nick Laham

This has certainly been covered before, but when Athlon mentioned some of the biggest losers in this year's NCAA Tournament (and yes, Pitt was included), there was a mention of the team's draws in their last two tournaments.

The Panthers had Wichita State this year and the Shockers made an unexpected Final Four run. They also drew Butler two years ago and the Bulldogs, as we know, went all the way to the title game.

Safe to say the draws haven't been real good for Pitt.

That said, there have been other things at play each time. This season, the team never provided a great sense of security the entire year and struggled to beat good teams. While I still believe they were underseeded, I'm not so sure Pitt would have beaten a 10- or 11-seed had they been seeded higher since they just came out so flat. Pitt shot horribly and while you can argue they would have rebounded a bit better against a less physical team, they also turned the ball over 15 times and were flat out sloppy.

And when it comes to the Butler game, Pitt may have had a tough draw, but it's hard to complain about their luck in that one as well. The Panthers had a chance to win it when Gilbert Brown missed a late free throw. And then there was Nasir Robinson's untimely gaffe.

Pitt's had some bad draws for sure - there's no disputing that. But other things kept them from advancing in each game.

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