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Top five developments from Pitt's spring game


With Pitt's spring game on Friday, I thought it would be good to take a look back at the top five developments from the game. Here they are:

5. Pitt could be relying on Chris Blewitt as its kicker. Sure, I get that the two kickers only had two field goal attempts (both from 42 yards), but they were both missed. Incoming freshman Chris Blewitt could easily contend for the job when he gets here in the fall.

4. Manasseh Garner and Kevin Weatherspoon produced to the tune of 21 catches for 275 yards. Those guys won't likely come close to those numbers this season, but saw a ton of action. Heard a lot of good things about Weatherspoon and both could contribute this year with the loss of Mike Shanahan.

3. Defense struggles: I've mentioned this before, but I have a hard time being too hard on the defense since they were missing many key players. But the way they couldn't contain Pitt's running backs and allowed Chad Voytik to put up big stats still was a little disappointing.

2. The benching of Tom Savage: I hate to even call this a benching because I'm fairly certain that if the season started today, Savage would be Paul Chryst's starter. But that said, it was definitely curious that he played so little.

1. The play of Chad Voytik: Voytik was the clear star of the game. Few would have envisioned he'd have such a big game, throwing for three touchdowns, more than 350 yards, and completing more than 80% of his passes.

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