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Athlon Discussion: Pitt vs. Syracuse


Had a good opportunity to participate in a roundtable with some folks over at Athlon this week. Hopefully, we'll be doing a bit more of it later in the year.

The topic up for discussion? Will Pitt or Syracuse have a better ACC football season in their first year as new members of the conference?

My vote was for Pitt - by a hair. I'm feeling a little less confident with the Shell departure, a new quarterback, the difficult schedule, and a questionable offensive and defensive line. But I've got just as many questions about Syracuse - namely, the loss of quarterback Ryan Nassib and the team's top two receivers from last season and I just think Pitt has a little more talent.

Head on over to Athlon and see what I had to say about the two teams. Or more importantly, see what everyone else was thinking. But before you do, weigh in below in the comments. Who do you see as having the better conference season in their inaugural year?

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