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Does New Zealand coach think Steven Adams should have stayed in school another year?

Andy Lyons

In digging around for some Steven Adams / NBA Draft stuff, I bumped into a fairly interesting article that ran on a New Zealand site. In it, Adams' former coach, Pero Cameron, spoke about Adams' decision to leave for the NBA. The site, Stuff, wonders if Cameron was in favor of the move to turn pro:

Whether Pero Cameron thinks Steve Adams made the right decision in declaring for the NBA draft is now irrelevant. But the long pause in answering the question suggests Cameron believes Adams should have stayed in school and continued to hone his craft at the University of Pittsburgh.

''Ah, well, it's all about supporting it now, isn't it,'' said Cameron, the former Tall Blacks legend now coaching the Wellington Saints.

''You've got to support it and we're all behind him. Maybe he could have done with another year but I'm sure they're going to look after him over there and I think they'll be happy about getting Steve at a young age.''

It's not that big of a surprise that his coach feels he needed another year in college (if he indeed feels that way). Most of us who watched Adams here definitely feels he has a long way to go to being a solid NBA player. The NBA Draft is about potential and I'm not necessarily of the mindset that he should have stuck around if he could be a first round pick. But there's little doubt that another year of development would have helped Adams.

As has been widely discussed, though, money is no doubt playing a factor in this. And when you consider that Adams can legitimately use the money to help take care of his family, it's really hard to criticize the decision.

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