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Pitt loses out on top quarterback recruit Keller Chryst

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

This is old news by now, but figured it should at least be mentioned for those not paying a ton of attention to the recruiting scene.

Pitt, unsurprisingly, lost out in the Keller Chryst sweepstakes. Chryst, a top quarterback recruit, chose Stanford over other offers, including one from Pitt. Typically, a top rated quarterback from the west coast with no real ties to Pittsburgh wouldn't strongly consider the Panthers. But because Chryst's uncle is head coach Paul Chryst, Pitt became an option.

But in the end it wasn't enough and that's not too much of a surprise. Chryst is from the west coast and pretty much had his pick of schools. It's pretty hard to believe that he would be expected to shun all of that to come to a cold-weather environment just to play for his uncle. It's happened before, obviously, but in the end Pitt was just too much of a long shot.

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