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Wednesday a key day for Pitt football

Wednesday is going to prove to be a very confusing and long day for Pitt football fans. How will you survive? I can't promise I won't fold like a cheap suit.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday is shaping up to be a big one for Pitt football.

Will Barry Alvarez call Paul Chryst right at midnight and offer him the job, and will Chryst accept the job in Madison? Will it happen at 9:00 a.m. while I'm sitting down at my office desk? Will it drag into the afternoon torturing Panther fans more than they have already been put through the wringer? Will Chryst shock everyone and turn down his dream job with the Wisconsin Badgers and stay at Pitt to see his own project really take form next season? Will any of us sleep tonight?

I'm not sure anyone knows exactly how this will go (though Chryst to Wisconsin is the clear leader in the clubhouse), but one thing is for certain - Pitt fans will take whatever comes with a grain of salt and display a carefully measured reaction on twitter and other social media outlets. Or not.

I almost got that out without breaking. Of course many Panther fans won't take Wednesday's news easily, but then again, can we really blame anyone? If Chryst does leave as expected, Pitt will embark on yet another coaching search.

This one could be different, as it is being widely reported that new Pitt Chancellor Patrick Gallagher has a very keen interest in seeing the football program move up in the ranks. He seems ready to give Chryst, or the next Pitt head coach, everything he needs to get the Panthers to the next level. There are also rumblings of some big changes but a lot is just unknown right now.

Wednesday will be a hectic one and we should know by then if Chryst is staying or leaving.

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