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Pitt basketball freshman guard Damon Wilson not yet cleared by NCAA, per reports

The guard out of Our Savior New American is apparently having trouble being ruled eligible.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Pitt basketball has not been on a hot streak the last couple of months in terms of news, and some possible very bad news came today for their highest rated recruit in this year's incoming class according to a couple of outlets

You'll remember Cheick Diallo as a high profile 2015 recruit that Pitt was after who ultimately decided to attend Kansas.

I had heard rumors that Wilson may not be ruled academically eligible for the coming fall, but today was the first time we had anything concrete to go on to think he wouldn't be eligible. If he was ruled ineligible, that would definitely be a hit for Pitt in the coming season. Wilson, in my opinion, is good enough to contribute in the first year, and would have had some room to grow with James Robinson in his final year. 

Now, my understanding is Wilson's situation is better than Diallo's, and Pitt believes Wilson will eventually be eligible, but you never know how the NCAA will rule. The NCAA also inexplicably ALWAYS takes a long time to go through these things, however, so we may not know for a while. This will certainly be something to watch as the season approaches in the fall.