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Charles Smith named ACC's Pitt legend for 2016

Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

The ACC continued with its annual tradition of selecting a former basketball player from each member school and declaring him an 'ACC Legend'. On Thursday, the conference tabbed former Pitt star Charles Smith as this year's selection.

I know, I get it - he never played in the ACC. That joke's been made over and over, though, so it's just not as fun.

Obviously, in looking back through Pitt's history, Smith was one of the best players in the program. He was a Big East Player of the Year, two-time All-American, and an NBA Lottery pick. His No. 32 was eventually retired by the Panthers. Yeah, so there was this unfortunate incident, but we're asking you to look beyond that, people. Overall, he was one of the best players to suit up for the program and helped get them on the map.

The legends will be recognized at this year's ACC Tournament, which is in New York. Smith, a member of the New York Knicks, should certainly get a good response.

Here's the full list of legends:

The 2016 ACC Legends Class

Jim Hooley, Forward, Boston College

Grayson Marshall, Guard, Clemson

Jason Willams, Guard, Duke

Rowland Garrett, Forward, Florida State

BJ Elder, Guard, Georgia Tech

Darrell Griffith, Guard, Louisville

John Salmons, Forward, Miami

James Worthy, Forward, North Carolina

Anthony “Spud” Webb, Guard, NC State

Adrian Dantley, Forward, Notre Dame

Charles Smith, Forward, Pitt

Derrick Coleman, Forward, Syracuse

Norman Nolan, Forward, Virginia

Howard Pardue, Forward, Virginia Tech

Dave Odom, Head Coach, Wake Forest

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