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Pitt Alumni Celebrity Golf Tournament set for May 20

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

As you might expect, I get hit up quite a bit for all sorts of requests. Some, I completely ignore (on purpose). Some, I forget about in the litany of other things I have to do in the course of a day. Some get bypassed if it's a particularly busy time of year. But I try to help out a few of the worthwhile ones.

Last year, a Pitt Alumni Golf Tournament was started. I wasn't previously aware of it but a reader brought it to my attention this year and Pitt broadcaster Dick Groat is a spokesperson of sort as it's at his course at Champion Lakes. Funds raised will benefit the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.

Here's more information on the event. Each playing foursome gets paired with a Pitt celebrity and the event is on May 20th. And even if you aren't a golfer, there are opportunities to chaffeur a Pitt celebrity around for the day.

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