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King of the Hill: ACC Power Rankings (Week 15)

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s been a long haul but we’ve reached the end of the season for Pitt. We’ve still got a couple of games next week, including the ACC title game so we’ll probably have one more week of power rankings. But here’s a look at the latest ones after this week of action.

There was a good bit of movement this week compared to what we’ve been seeing lately. Miami and North Carolina flip flopped after the Tar Heels convincing head to head win. Pitt and Boston College moved up a couple of spots, jumping Virginia and Wake Forest, who both lost ugly games. And Louisville an Georgia Tech trade spots after the Cardinals had a 24-point win over Wake while Georgia Tech lost by 14 to Pitt.

Here are this week’s full rankings.

  1. (1) Notre Dame (10-0): Bye
  2. (2) Clemson (9-1): Bye
  3. (4) North Carolina (8-3): 62-26 win over Miami
  4. (3) Miami (8-2): Lost to North Carolina
  5. (5) NC State (8-3): Bye
  6. (8) Boston College (6-5): Bye
  7. (9) Pitt (6-5): 34-20 win over Georgia Tech
  8. (6) Wake Forest (4-4): 45-21 loss to Louisville
  9. (10) Virginia Tech (5-6): 33-15 win over Virginia
  10. (7) Virginia (5-5): Lost to Virginia Tech
  11. (12) Louisville (4-7): Beat Wake Forest
  12. (11) Georgia Tech (3-7): Lost to Pitt
  13. (13) Florida State (3-6): 56-35 win over Duke
  14. (14) Duke (2-9): Lost to Florida State
  15. (15) Syracuse (1-10): Bye

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