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Jamie Dixon To The Rescue

In between leading one of the nation's top basketball programs, Jamie Dixon has time to play a good guy once in a while.

Dixon was driving along I-279 in Pittsburgh when he came upon an accident scene:

University of Pittsburgh basketball coach Jamie Dixon stopped Saturday night to help an accident victim on Interstate 279 near the McKnight Road exit.

A Ford Escape traveling north in the left lane suddenly swerved to the right, crossed two lanes of traffic, struck a concrete barrier and rolled over onto the passenger side, police said. Passenger Diane Robinson, 48, of Zelienople suffered lower body injuries and was taken to Allegheny General Hospital, North side. She was in fair condition Sunday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

A state policeman said that Dixon (obviously) did a great job:

"[Dixon] assisted in removing at least one of the two occupants," Pennsylvania state trooper Erik Fisher told on Sunday morning. "He sustained some injuries to his hands in assisting in getting them out through the windshield of the vehicle on the passenger side."


Fisher said he was the third trooper on the scene and is the investigating officer on the crash. Fisher said the woman who was pulled from the vehicle, which he said was not on fire, suffered "at least a broken ankle.'' Fisher said the driver of the vehicle fled the scene.


Dixon, as seen on raw video on, was treated in an ambulance and then released before driving off. Fisher said he was waiting to interview Dixon again Sunday. Dixon was in practice with the Big East-favorite Panthers on Sunday morning.


"He was a good Samaritan," Fisher said. "That's the way people are supposed to be. By all accounts he did exactly what a decent person should do. It's an Interstate freeway and I'm sure countless other cars drove right past. He was one of the very few who pulled over."

Who knows why others didn't stop. Most likely, they may have seen the vehicles and figured they were abandoned. I have a hard time believing that most people would willingly drive by if they noticed someone inside the cars. Either way, still a stand up job by Dixon.