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Another Reason To Root For Pitt Against The Leprechauns

To be honest, with all of the talk about Pitt being the favorites to win the Big East and head to the BCS this season, I'd forgotten all about the other bowls in the conference. But as I've written before, well, the options aren't great.

So I was glad that Brian Bennett of threw out a reminder about how crucial this week's game can be. Pitt and the Big East are again tied into a bowl that Notre Dame can steal and if the Irish can merely go 7-5, it can take the Big East's bid to the Champs Sports Bowl. Notre Dame is currently 2-3 so it needs five more wins. With games against Tulsa, Navy, Army, and Western Michigan, the Irish will have a good chance to get to six. The Irish also get cracks at Utah and Notre Dame USC.

If Notre Dame is selected for the Champs Sports Bowl, the conference's second best team would go to the Meineke Car Care bowl.

Based on that schedule, it could come right down to the wire for Notre Dame and the game this weekend could go a long way in deciding if the Big East loses tis bid for the Champs Sports Bowl.