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After Beating Pitt, Can Utah Play For A Championship?

No, beating Pitt isn't enough to make you a national championship contender. But a quick look at Utah's schedule shows that the Panthers were just the first of many challenges for the Utes.

We've all heard the talk about Boise State potentially being able to play for a national championship, but Utah is curiously being left out of the discussion. The Utes didn't start the season highly ranked as Boise State did, but are now a top ten team. Pitt had a chance to pull out a win against Utah, but it came up a few plays short. That loss is clearly looking less and less damaging.

Boise State is more likely to run the table with its schedule, but if Utah manages to go undefeated, they should get the nod over the Broncos'. Boise State's main tests have already been passed as it won against Virginia Tech and Oregon State. But its win against Virginia Tech isn't having the same value the team thought it would after the Hokies fell to James Madison the following week. Utah, on the other hand, has/had home games against Pitt, No. 5 TCU, and BYU. But that's not all - the Utes also travel to Notre Dame, #25 Air Force, and Iowa State. That's a pretty loaded schedule.

Frankly, I have serious doubts about Utah running the table. But the team does get its main conference tests at home and the team is likely better than its three main road opponents.

If Boise State goes undefeated, an argument can still be made that their schedule wasn't difficult enough to warrant a title shot. There should be no such argument against Utah if it does the same. The Utes could be a darkhorse to play for the title.