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Big East's BCS Bid Not In Jeopardy

A while back in the comments section of one of my posts, I mentioned that Pitt's BCS bid was not in jeopardy in the near future.'s Brian Bennett reiterated that same thought today:

My mailbag for the past week has been full of panicky Big East fans (and, frankly, Big East critics) who are asking me if the league is in danger of losing its automatic BCS bid.

I can understand the confusion and concern. After all, the conference has performed terribly so far this season and currently has no teams in the Top 25. It ranks eighth, behind the Mountain West and WAC, in ESPN Stats & Info's latest conference rankings.When the first BCS standings are released later this month, the Big East may not appear at all.

None of that, however, means the league is any immediate danger of losing its automatic bid. In fact, it's as safe right now as the other five automatic-qualifying leagues.

Personally, I think the BCS will be looking to give another conference like the Mountain West a bid rather than removing bids from others. There are several at large spots right now and it would be fairly easy for the BCS to appease a pretty good conference by tossing an automatic bid its way.

One final point - we all know the Big East is down this year. But the conference has also put up some pretty good teams in recent memory. The Cincinnati Bearcats may not have been good as its undefeated record last season would have suggested, but they were one of the nation's best offenses last season. And the 2007 West Virginia Mountaineers team could have been a national champion if not for the injury to Pat White during Pitt's famous 13-9 win. These things tend to go in cycles for a lot of conferences and I expect the Big East to have some quality teams over the next few years in which they have the BCS automatic bids.

As for now, no worries.