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Pitt Coaching Search: Dana Holgorsen To West Virginia?

Well, things can change ...Just. Like. That.

Dana Holgorsen seemed to be Pitt's main candidate and a good bet to take over for Dave Wannstedt. Today, Paul Zeise and Colin Dunlap of the Post-Gazette tell us, not so fast.

I respect Paul Zeise a great deal, but he proved this week that no one gets it right all the time when he went just short of saying that Dana Holgorsen and Pitt were a done deal. Zeise now reports that it appears as if that's not happening. The Post-Gazette's Colin Dunlap also reports that West Virginia is hot on his trail to either replace Bill Stewart now or in the near future.

No, Zeise did not say it was a done deal, but his article certainly indicated that things were headed in the direction of Holgorsen coming to Pitt. Do I fault Zeise? Of course not. No one's perfect (especially when it comes to stuff like this) and as he correctly pointed out near the beginning of Pitt's search, you have to assume everyone is lying. There are so many rumors and speculation out there, it's hard to keep up - even for people who are truly in the know such as Zeise.

That's why I have a hard time jumping headfirst into this. When Holgorsen was announced as essentially 'the guy' by Zeise and Bob Smizik, I didn't mention it. It's not that I didn't buy it, it's just that things can change just like that in these coaching moves. So why mention every single time that someone moves ahead or falls behind?

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm not in the know. Trust me when I say I don't have a single connection. I don't pretend like I do and the purpose of the blog isn't to break news - it's to comment on it. I'm not much more than most people out there. Just a grad and a fan of the school who desperately wants to see it succeed.

So where do we go from here? Who knows. There are still plenty of other candidates being mentioned out there obviously. I'm still stuck on the Tom Bradley train of intrigue. He's proven he knows how to run a defense. He's proven he can recruit. He has some Pittsburgh ties and is experienced ... more importantly, he has experience WINNING. I still don't know if he's the perfect fit, but if he did indeed reach out to Pitt, it's Steve Pederson's duty to at least give him a long look. I'm not convinced that will happen, but I'd like for it to.

And get this - who's to say Holgorsen can't again re-enter the picture if he decides he doesn't want to wait a year as West Virginia's Offensive Coordinator and changes his mind. That can happen, can't it? It's looking like it won't now, but in the crazy world of coaching, never say never.