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Tyler Palko Experiment Not Going All That Well

Make that 'Going awful.'

Not sure if you caught this, but ever since Tyler Palko took the reins to the Kansas City Chiefs, he hasn't done all that well.

I pointed out when it was first announced Palko would get his shot that he had a tough road ahead. After games against the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers, it's clear that he still has a lot of work to do to be an effective starter in the league.

Palko's actually completed about 65% of his passes in those two games, but he's also got six interceptions and has yet to throw a touchdown pass.

In that post I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that the only other healthy quarterback on the roster was rookie Ricky Stanzi and because of that they were likely to bring someone else in. That indeed became the case as they signed the recently released Kyle Orton. Orton hasn't played yet, but that could be changing pretty soon:

"Tyler's the starter," Haley said, "but as we do every week and with every position, if we feel Kyle or Ricky (Stanzi) gives us a chance to win, we'll make that determination."

That's coachspeak for, 'When Kyle has grasped the offense, you're darn right he's going in.'

The start by Palko isn't unimaginable as he's seeing the first meaningful playing time of his career. But to say he hasn't done all that well so far is an understatement. Orton's not only a veteran starter, but one that's had some success. I'd be surprised if he didn't become the starter in the next week or two.

Oh yeah, and readers of SB Nation's Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride? Not amused.