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Pitt Coaching Search: Paul Rhoads - Just Say No

I started it yesterday with Mario Cristobal and thought I'd continue on with more candidates that I don't want to see become Pitt's head football coach. These aren't necessarily guys that couldn't work out, but let's just say I think there are better options. Next up?

Paul Rhoads.

Lots of folks are high on Rhoads for his work as Pitt's defensive coordinator (all the while, ironically, forgetting how maddeningly frustrating his defensive schemes were at times ... but that's another issue), which was admittedly, pretty good overall. But the problem I have with Rhoads isn't what he did at Pitt, it's what he's done since.

After becoming the head coach at Iowa State later, he's been wildly unimpressive over the past three years. That's most demonstrated by his lack of improvement since taking the job. He's hovered right around .500 in each of his years on the job, and his best year was 2009 when he went 7-6.

If Pitt had hired him a few years ago before he had the Iowa State opportunity, that would have made much more sense to me.

But why would you want him now after seeing what he's done? He's had no great success to speak of and while I think he might stick around for a while because he has some ties to Pitt having coached here before, I don't think he's done anything as a head coach to warrant the job.

Okay, I know about the big wins - most recently, this year's win over No. 2 Oklahoma State. And while that kind of reputation is nice to have, I'm more concerned he hasn't had more of them or at least been more competitive. If you look at his record the past three years, he hasn't really endured bad losses. Part of the problem is that the Big 12 is so darn tough, but for me to be excited about this hire, it'd be nice if Rhoads had at least one eight- or nine-win season in there. I have no doubt he'll have an easier time of it in the Big East and even the ACC, but I'd just like to have seen more from him.

Might not be a bad hire, just don't know if it's the best one.

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