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NCAA Tournament Predictions: Pitt May Be Better Off Without A No. 1 Seed

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Just a quick plug for our SB Nation Pittsburgh regional site - we've got an NCAA Tournament stream up and running over there that will cover Selection Sunday and the NCAA Tournament. The stream isn't only going to cover Pitt, but also West Virginia, and, if they make it, Penn State (I know, I know). At any rate, our WVU writer and site editor will both also be contributing to the stream over the next few weeks, so it's definitely worth keeping an eye on. Be sure to head over and check it out.

The latest post briefly explains how Pitt might actually be better off without a No. 1 seed, crazy as it sounds. I'm still not sure where Pitt is going to end up, but Duke's huge win over North Carolina makes me think that the Panthers could be bumped down to a No. 2.

If that happens, Pitt fans should have no beef. Duke has one less loss, won both their regular season and tournament champs, so I don't have a problem with the Blue Devils (even though they might not necessarily be better than Pitt). Notre Dame, the other 'contender' has the same amount of losses as Pitt, but has a higher RPI and beat Pitt on the road, so I definitely wouldn't have a problem with them getting the other No. 1 seed.

I'll also obviously have more up today about the tournament and Pitt's chances once the bracket is revealed.