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Pitt Basketball: Jermaine Dixon's Season May Be Over In Japan

In all the madness of the Japan earthquake situation, basketball is, I'm sure, the last thing on most of the minds of the people over there. Still, Jermaine Dixon's team, the Hamamatsu-Higashi Mikawa Phoenix haven't been playing for obvious reasons - and now Dixon is back home here in the U.S. contemplating his future.

Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette has a nice story up on the situation and Dixon has left to come back home - at least temporarily. Dixon went on to say that he'll go back when he feels it's safe and his agent even says there's a 90% chance he does.

And it sounds as if he wants to come back to help his team in the playoffs according to another former college player in Japan.

In an interview with HoopsHype, former Tarheel, Will Graves, is also over there and says he's heard Dixon wants to return if there are playoffs being held:

Have any of the American players left their teams?

WG: Yes, American players have left their teams. I don’t know all to be exact, but Wayne Arnold and Jermaine Dixon of Hamamatsu returned to the States. But it is said they want to return if we have a playoffs to defend their championship from last year. Sek Henry, the point guard from our team, returned home for a week and will miss this weekend’s games, but he is supposed to return and stated that he wanted to finish the season as well.

Dixon was averaging just over 12 points and hitting more than 49% of his shots, but struggling with the three-pointer - hitting only about 27%. He also averaged around three rebounds and four assists in 20 minutes of play per game. His team has been unbelievable, though, and are 34-5 on the season.