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Pitt Basketball: Jamie Dixon Not Headed To Tennessee

Well, that was quick - really quick.

Just as soon as the 'Tennessee wants Jamie Dixon' nonsense started last week, it's been squashed as the Vols have hired Missouri State coach Cuonzo Martin.

It obviously doesn't surprise me that Dixon isn't Knoxville-bound. Like I said earlier, Dixon to Tennessee never made a ton of (heck, any) sense. He has no ties there from what I know, it would have been a step down from the Pitt job, and it would, well, make no sense at all. Dixon has things running smoothly at Pitt (despite the early tournament exits) and doesn't really have much reason to leave.

But what does surprise me is how quickly they made a move. Bruce Pearl had starting building something good at Tennessee and I expected them to hold out for a bigger name. But if Martin's the man they wanted all along, there's no reason to wait.

Who knows if Dixon was ever even contacted by the Vols. His name only surfaced on a wish list provided by an anonymous source and I never saw any mention of a direct contact being made.

Still, I'm sure there are going to be other rumors out there, but it was good to see this one end pretty quickly.