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Pitt Basketball: Get Your First Look At Khem Birch This Week

This week, most of us will get to watch incoming McDonald's All-American Khem Birch for the first time in live action. We don't need to go over all of Birch's accolades again - simply put, he is the highest-rated recruit in the Jamie Dixon era and may be Pitt's highest-rated recruit of all-time. No further introduction is necessary and we all know Birch as the talent expected to contribute immediately.

Birch kicks things off tonight, participating in the dunk contest (the Powerade Jam Fest) at 7:30 EST on ESPN2. Last year's dunk contest was won by Kansas recruit Josh Selby.

Birch will then, of course, play in the game Wednesday, which will feature the All-American teams. Here are the rosters for those teams.

Pitt has had five players appear in the game before - Bobby Martin, Jerome Lane, Brian Shorter, Charles Smith, and current Panther Dante Taylor.

The future is now - or more accurately, at 7:30 tonight.