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More Big East Voting On

Brian Bennett of has a slew of new Big East football polls up on his blog. Among them, you can vote for Pitt as a most disappointing team or most surprising team.

The Panthers' games against West Virginia and South Florida are also contenders for 'must see' games of the year.

Here's the page with the SportsNation polls.

Along those lines, those first two polls got me thinking: Is Pitt a better candidate to surprise or disappoint in 2011?

Well, I'm going to get into this a bit more over at SB Nation Pittsburgh next week, but I think it's a fair question. I'd probably lean towards surprising some folks just because expectations may be down. Pitt isn't going to be a heavy favorite to win the Big East like they were last season - even with the league being as down as it is. But I have a hard time thinking they won't compete for the title.