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Q&A With BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock

Last year, I had some pretty cool opportunities to do some Q&A sessions with former Pitt player Julius Page and ESPN personalities Jay Bilas and Fran Fraschilla (you can find them in the links over to the right of Cardiac Hill's main page) here at Cardiac Hill.

A week ago, I had another great opportunity to do one for the Fathead blog - another place I write. Typically, I don't mention my work over there but my Q&A guest was the BCS' Executive Director Bill Hancock, so it's obviously relevant to Pitt. I asked him about a number of things such as college football expansion, why he thinks the BCS works, and more. Regardless of what you may think of the cu, this guy is always accessible and doesn't hide from fans. He does an incredible job of defending the system and definitely earns his keep.

Below is one of the questions I asked along with his response - check out the full article here:

Regardless of the varying opinions about the BCS, most people realize that the current system is better than the previous one, which didn’t always showcase a No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup. Still, there have been worthy teams from non-BCS conferences on the outside looking in from time to time. While the BCS has found ways to integrate them into the bowl lineup, we haven’t yet seen one play for a championship. Do you think that can/will ever happen?

First of all, every conference is a BCS conference.  I work for all 11 commissioners, and they all manage the BCS together.  You’re right; the BCS has provided significantly more revenue, and more access to the top-tier bowl games by the non-AQ conferences than ever before.   Those conferences definitely are on the inside!  I do think a team from a non-AQ conference will play in the championship game someday.  It nearly happened last year. 

Continue on to the full Q&A.