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Pitt Vs. Iowa: Official Gamethread

Technically, the season began back on September 3rd with a win against Buffalo, but Pitt's first true test comes today. Yes, the game against Maine ended closer than it should have, but with all due respect to the Black Bears, a 20-point fourth quarter lead probably meant Pitt took their foot off the pedal just a bit.

This will be a tough test for Pitt. Iowa is 1-1 after a loss to lowly Iowa State, but they still managed to put up more than 40 points in the game. Playing at home, it's hard not to give them a slight advantage.

My pick? Iowa 30, Pitt 27 - let's hope I'm wrong. It's an away game, so this one's a TV contest for most of us.

How do you see the game shaping out? Leave your predictions down in the comments section.

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