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Week 4 SB Nation Football Blog Poll Rankings: Cardiac Hill's Ballot

Once upon a time, Cardiac Hill (well, actually before CH when the blog was Eye of A Panther), I was a part of the weekly blog poll rankings. After the blog changed over to Cardiac Hill and joined SB Nation, I never got back on the roster.

SB Nation assumed control of the Blog Poll this year, so I figured it'd be a good time to get back on board. With that said, here is my ballot for this week:

My analysis after the jump.

Oklahoma gets the number one spot after their win over Alabama after their road win at former No. 5 Florida State.

On the Big East side of things, West Virginia and South Florida are both gaining some steam. If they keep winning, we could end the season with two ranked teams (compared to none last year). Other than that, not sure anyone else will be ranked. Pitt's defeat at Iowa will prevent them from being ranked any time soon and not sure Cincinnati is strong enough, either.

Most intriguing team to me at this point may be Georgia Tech. I've got them ranked a bit higher than the polls, but they lead the nation in scoring with nearly 60 points a game. They haven't had a strong schedule yet, but 60 points is still 60 points, and for that, I made room for them in the top 20.