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Pitt Football Recruiting: Newest Recruit Tyrique Jarrett Under The Radar?

Todd Graham could have a potential steak in Tyrique Jarrett (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Todd Graham could have a potential steak in Tyrique Jarrett (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Todd Graham's defensive line will be just fine this season, but he recently added another one for the future. As Greg pointed out on Friday, defensive tackle Tyrique Jarrett joined the Panthers with a verbal commitment.

Jarrett is only rated as a two-star recruit by Rivals but a three-star recruit by Scout. Scout also lists him as the 29th best defensive tackle in the nation. Both sites vary a bit on their offers for him, but both agree he also had offers from Cincinnati and UConn.

He's listed at 325, but he and his coach says his size is deceptive:

"He looks like he's 290," Haslett said. "People look at him and say, 'He isn't 325.' I say, 'Yes, he is. And he can run.' "

Jarrett claims to be in superior physical condition. "I'm not a sloppy person," he said. "I'm built Ford tough."

But the fact is that despite the mediocre rating, he appears to be very much under the radar and could rate out higher later with a strong senior season.

Seeing lots of stuff out there about him being a potential steal. One site, has maybe the most glowing review of him:

One of the best kept secrets in the 2012 recruiting class as far as football prospects are concerned is Tyrique Jarrett, a 6’4, 320 mammoth defensive tackle for Taylor Allderice High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Jarrett moves remarkably well for somebody his size and clearly is oozing with a jaw-dropping amount of potential.

He tosses opposing players around like ragdolls and is a highly disruptive force once he gets into the backfield. He’s very quick off the ball and is a nightmare for opposing high school offensive lineman to defend.

His dominance is shown in his highlight tape on the defensive side of the ball, where he appears to be an unblockable force.

The site also had an interview with Jarrett and he mentioned that he expected to get an offer from Penn State as well. In addition to Penn State, he also had some interest in West Virginia and had planned to take a visit there.

Also of note is that Jarrett's father played college ball as well.

Lastly, here's a video (albeit a bit grainy).