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Steven Adams To Pitt: Just In Case You Were Worried About That Pesky 2012 NBA Draft Thing

Pitt already lost one prized recruit and it appears that any remote chance Steven Adams could also defect (at least to the pros, anyway) may be gone.

Adams, in case you didn't know, appeared to be eligible for the 2012 (no, not 2013 ... 2012. As in this 2012. As in the Mayans' End of the World 2012) NBA Draft. That meant he could potentially bypass Pitt altogether and go straight to the big time, if he so desired. This is due in part to a rule that says 19-year old international prospects can break into the league and need not be a year removed from school as is the case here.

But now it appears that the 2012 NBA Draft portal may have closed for Adams (breathe sigh of relief here).

Apparently, Adams enrolling in prep school may have changed his status from international prospect to U.S. prospect - meaning the one-year removed from high school rule would apply.

This isn't confirmed yet or a done deal, but it's looking like it could be the case.

Either way, I still think he ends up at Pitt. Here's the thing - if going to a prep school does indeed strip his international status and if he had thoughts of jumping straight to the pros, it would make zero sense for him to go to Prep School. He could merely have stayed out of the country and worked to improve his grades. That would have still qualified him immediately for the NBA Draft or still allowed him to come to Pitt if he so desired.

Could he look at the Khem Birch/Jamie Dixon situation and be discouraged? Sure, I guess. But I think Birch leaving was less about Dixon and more about Birch simply wanting out.

I wouldn't worry too much about Adams coming to Pitt.